Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well most of us wear jeans, and wear them a lot. The price ranges always vary as do styles. For me, it's never easy finding a pair with the perfect fit, especially after the hot summer we had and the holidays! 
My sister recommended her favorite skinny jeans to me so I went to try on a pair. I was pleasantly surprised at not only the price (with today's prices it is very low!) but that they were Made in the USA! 
There were so many washes and colors (sort of reminds me of the 80's, but colored jeans are back!) that it was hard to choose, but it came down to the size I needed and what was in stock at the time. I will get more later. I have no idea if this line offers a men's line but there are plenty of choices for the women.

I got mine at Blush on Campus Corner!

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