Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's been a while....and GIVEAWAY!

Well it's been a while since I posted anything. As I'm sure many of you can understand, the holidays kept me busy and the time just flew by as usual!

However, I never stop thinking about the blog and am always keeping my eye out for Made in America products. I thought I would share some things that I found over the holiday season.

While shopping at the dollar store before Christmas I was out to grab some seasonal goodies and I found that if I looked I could find something similar that was Made in the USA vs. other countries. For example, marshmallows. There were 2 brands available, only one made in the US. I found the same scenario with candy. Here's a photo of some of the things I chose to buy that day. All made in the USA.

I picked up a card recently while having my car washed and noticed the brand is made here as well. They had some cute ones. I can't show you the one I picked up because it's for an upcoming birthday.

Another item that is now in my house as of recent is also made in this country. Sorry it's so blurry. I took the picture with my phone in a hurry.
                                                    Shaw rug.

 A great gift that I gave this Christmas and delicious to enjoy yourself. The cheese ball recipe never disappoints a guest and they will all be asking for the recipe I promise! Get yours at


Now for the giveaway! 
As mentioned in a recent post, Bikini Bottom Scrub, is wonderful! I use it year round. It comes in many different scents. I rarely use lotion if I use this in the shower! Because I love this product and Bikini Bottom Scrub wants you to try this product, we are giving away a jar in a summer scent to soften your dry winter skin and give you a little piece of Summer when it's cold and gray outside! I will give away 3 jars to 3 different people who comment on this post or on my facebook post of this blog. You will get more chances to enter and I will notify my followers when the giveaway is coming to a close so you won't miss the chance to enter!

 Happy New Year all!!!