Thursday, January 26, 2012


Who doesn't love the refreshing feeling after taking a long bath or shower? 

Better yet, I can't think anything better than the smell, soft skin and shiny nose of a new baby after a bath. I do miss that.

Most of us know that everything we put on our skin seeps into our bodies. It gives me a sense of assurance if it's made here in the USA, rather than wondering where it came from or what secret ingredients could have been put into it.

Some great products that I have used, recommend and am sure you won't be disappointed in.... I used these products a lot with my second child. It smells so delicious on a baby. The packaging is so darling and ingredients safe. This makes a wonderful gift for a new baby! They also offer pregnancy and items for Mama now as well.

A favorite bath time treat and another excellent gift idea for kids and adults alike is Me! Bath fizzies. No preservatives, and let me tell you it makes your skin really soft! The fizzies are fun for the kids, and the packaging adorable for a Birthday or any day! is another quality product that many people that I personally know rave about. Offering hand lotions, soap, candles and more.

The above mentioned brands can be found at

And, finally, one that you have heard me mention more than once...Bikini Bottom Scrub
You can find their page on facebook.
This scrub is made with sugar rather than salt, which doesn't burn on those freshly shaven legs. This scrub smells great and makes your body soft all over. 
Comment on this blog or my facebook post to be entered to win one of three body scrubs from this company. Once you try it you will be keeping it in stock for yourself or giving it as gifts. Some scrubs can be very expensive, but this one you get a quality treat for yourself without it breaking the bank.

3 winners will be selected and notified this weekend.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I have been redoing my bedroom very slowly. I often dream about the look I want, or change my mind, or try to convince my husband that it really needs to be done.
I would really like something new for the top of the bed. I dream of something like this bedding by Matteo and let me tell is so soft! The colors are to die for. But, better guessed it, it's made in the USA! Per

MATTEO was founded in 1996 to create simple sheets from the most luxurious textiles in the world.
We sew right here in Los Angeles in a large workshop adjacent to our design studio. The constant circulation between design & production yields a fertile creative environment and unparalleled quality control.

 Order yours at



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sleep! And Giveaway!

Who doesn't love sleep? 
Well I love it!  I sleep on a mattress made in Oklahoma by I sleep better on it than I have the other mattresses that we have had, which didn't hold up nearly as well. I have noticed we don't have near the aches and pains that we had before we purchased it. They customize the mattress to your wishes and were awesome to work with. We felt better buying from a company started in the early 1900's that still exists and has that old fashion, family run atmosphere. Check it out next time you are in the market for some better sleep!

Giveaway continues!! Comment on this post, or a previous post with the same Giveaway or my facebook post to be entered. Ending soon!!!

Bikini Bottom Scrubs...check them out on Facebook!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well most of us wear jeans, and wear them a lot. The price ranges always vary as do styles. For me, it's never easy finding a pair with the perfect fit, especially after the hot summer we had and the holidays! 
My sister recommended her favorite skinny jeans to me so I went to try on a pair. I was pleasantly surprised at not only the price (with today's prices it is very low!) but that they were Made in the USA! 
There were so many washes and colors (sort of reminds me of the 80's, but colored jeans are back!) that it was hard to choose, but it came down to the size I needed and what was in stock at the time. I will get more later. I have no idea if this line offers a men's line but there are plenty of choices for the women.
I got mine at Blush on Campus Corner!

The Giveaway continues....
All posts to this blog or my facebook posting are entered to win one large sugar scrub by Bikini Bottom Scrubs. Find them on Facebook!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's been a while....and GIVEAWAY!

Well it's been a while since I posted anything. As I'm sure many of you can understand, the holidays kept me busy and the time just flew by as usual!

However, I never stop thinking about the blog and am always keeping my eye out for Made in America products. I thought I would share some things that I found over the holiday season.

While shopping at the dollar store before Christmas I was out to grab some seasonal goodies and I found that if I looked I could find something similar that was Made in the USA vs. other countries. For example, marshmallows. There were 2 brands available, only one made in the US. I found the same scenario with candy. Here's a photo of some of the things I chose to buy that day. All made in the USA.

I picked up a card recently while having my car washed and noticed the brand is made here as well. They had some cute ones. I can't show you the one I picked up because it's for an upcoming birthday.

Another item that is now in my house as of recent is also made in this country. Sorry it's so blurry. I took the picture with my phone in a hurry.
                                                    Shaw rug.

 A great gift that I gave this Christmas and delicious to enjoy yourself. The cheese ball recipe never disappoints a guest and they will all be asking for the recipe I promise! Get yours at


Now for the giveaway! 
As mentioned in a recent post, Bikini Bottom Scrub, is wonderful! I use it year round. It comes in many different scents. I rarely use lotion if I use this in the shower! Because I love this product and Bikini Bottom Scrub wants you to try this product, we are giving away a jar in a summer scent to soften your dry winter skin and give you a little piece of Summer when it's cold and gray outside! I will give away 3 jars to 3 different people who comment on this post or on my facebook post of this blog. You will get more chances to enter and I will notify my followers when the giveaway is coming to a close so you won't miss the chance to enter!

 Happy New Year all!!!